Abbarno speaks in opposition of bill that would enact excessive restrictions on open-carry of firearms

Rep. Peter Abbarno, R-Centralia, spoke in the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee against a bill that would prohibit “acting with three or more persons and openly carrying or displaying a weapon in a manner in which a reasonable person would feel threatened.”

Abbarno said House Bill 1283 is an attack on “a constitutional issue I really feel strongly about. In my community, hunting, shooting, sports gun ownership is woven in the fabric of the history in our tradition. Maybe more so than other communities.”

Later, Abbarno provided this statement: “Today, the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee voted on House Bill 1283, making it a crime if 1) You are with three or more people; 2) You legally carry your firearm; and 3) Another person feels threatened. My Washington State House Republicans’ colleague Rep. Greg Gilday amended the bill to make it better. Unfortunately, it still creates a new crime and impacts our state and federal constitution rights.”

Abbarno voted no.


Washington State House Republican Communications