House unanimously approves bipartisan capital construction budget, providing projects, creating jobs across Washington state

Republicans and Democrats joined together Friday afternoon to vote unanimously in favor of a bipartisan 2021-23 capital budget that will create jobs and build new infrastructure across Washington state.

Rep. Peter Abbarno, assistant ranking Republican on the House Capital Budget Committee, says the $5.7 billion budget will provide for important projects such as schools, parks, water infrastructure, habitat, and other public buildings in Washington.

Abbarno, R-Centralia, closed debate on the virtual House floor on Friday, calling the budget “a very well-thought out bipartisan approach of investing in the health, growth and prosperity of our state, and helping build the foundation for future success and future opportunities.”

Watch Rep. Abbarno's floor speech below. . .

Within the House proposal, the 20th Legislative District could receive a wide range of projects, including:

  • $300,000 for the Lewis County Seniors (Centralia) from the Building Communities Grant Fund;
  • $21,000 for Reliable Enterprises (Centralia) from the Building Communities Grant Fund;
  • $14,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Lewis County (Chehalis) from the Youth Recreational Facilities Grant Program;
  • $515,000 for the Lake Lawrence Fire Station in Yelm;
  • $259,000 for Mayme Shaddock Park in Napavine;
  • $283,000 for Werden Park in Vader;
  • $129,000 for the Lewis County public safety radio infrastructure in Chehalis;
  • $824,000 for the Lewis County Youth Services renovation and addition in Chehalis;
  • $1.750 for the Southwest Washington Grain Project in Chehalis;
  • $1.850 for the Vader Wastewater Treatment Plant improvements;
  • $3.55 million for the Lewis County PUD for a substation and transmission facility in Winlock;
  • $70 million for the Office of Chehalis Basin;
  • $1.529 million to the Centralia School District for the Gemini and LTE;
  • $8.05 for the Packwood sewer system;
  • $2.55 million for a hydrogen fueling station in Chehalis:
  • $2.03 million for the Willapa Hills Trail Bridge (Adna, 19th and 20th Legislative Districts);
  • $2.250 for a pedestrian overcrossing replacement in Kalama;
  • $2 million for the Fort Vancouver Regional Library in Woodland;
  • $1.03 million for the Woodland Community Library;
  • $123,000 for the Chehalis-Centralia locomotive repair (Chehalis); and
  • $52,000 for the Seminary Hill Natural and Heritage Trail Project in Centralia.

The vote was 98-0. The measure now goes to the Senate for further consideration.


Washington State House Republican Communications