Rep. Abbarno appointed to two legal committees by the Speaker of the House

This week, first term legislator Peter Abbarno was appointed by the Speaker of the House, Laurie Jinkins, to a pair of legal committees – adding to his list of duties in the Legislature.

Abbarno will be part of the 11-member Statute Law Committee, as well as a member of the Office of Civil Legal Aid Oversight Committee.

“I'm honored to be a part of both of these committees, and I'm grateful to the Republican Caucus and Speaker for trusting me with these important responsibilities,” said Abbarno, R-Centralia. “My experience as an attorney will definitely help as I work with members of both committees for the benefit of Washington state.”

The Statute Law Committee codify, index, and publish the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), Session Laws, Washington Administrative Code (WAC), Washington State Register, and the Legislative Digest, and History of Bills. The committee is also responsible for hiring a Code Reviser who provides bill drafting services to legislators, legislative committees, the Governor, state-elected officials, and agencies.

“It takes a lot of work to get an idea to become a law,” said Abbarno. “This committee is important to the process and I am very proud to serve on the Statue Law Committee.”

Additionally, as a member of the Office of Civil Legal Aid Oversight Committee, Abbarno will work with committee members to oversee the activities of the Office of Civil Legal Aid and review the performance of the Director of the Office of Civil Legal Aid.

From time to time, the committee may also make recommendations to the Supreme Court, the Access to Justice Board, and the Legislature regarding the provision of civil legal aid funded through a specific law.

“The Office of Civil Legal Aid is tasked with the responsibility of providing legal services for Washingtonians who could not otherwise afford assistance,” added Abbarno. “As former president of the Lewis County Bar Association and Lewis County Bar Legal Aid, I've seen firsthand the importance and benefit of legal aid to community members and the judicial system as a whole. I look forward to this new role.”


Washington State House Republican Communications