Rep. Peter Abbarno tours White Pass and Morton School Districts

Rep. Peter Abbarno, R-Centralia, visited the Morton and White Pass School Districts on Thursday, Oct. 22, touring school buildings and talking with educators and school administrators.

During a group tour, Abbarno was guided through the White Pass Junior/Senior High School, where he saw artwork commissioned for the building and was told how it relates to the history and culture of the White Pass School District in Randle. He also toured the White Pass Elementary School. Both facilities received funding assistance from the state for renovation. The 20th District lawmaker observed a strong “College in the High School” program, an all-inclusive vocational program, and a comprehensive elementary program.

In the Morton School District, Abbarno visited the Morton Elementary School, a building constructed in 1948 that could be part of a future school board issue. The group also toured the Morton Junior/Senior High School, a building originally constructed in the 1950s, which has been since modernized. In addition, they toured the district’s bus garage. Abbarno noted the district has a strong pre-school program. Along with academic and vocational programs, high school students have the opportunity to take college courses.

The tour was offered and facilitated by the Washington Association of Maintenance and Operation Administrators (WAMOA), an organization of professionals engaged in management of maintenance and operations of educational facilities in Washington state.


From left, Angie Bowen, business manager, White Pass School District; Greg Teel, principal, White Pass Elementary School; Phil Partington, Southwest regional coordinator, OSPI School Facilities and Organization; Joel McMahan, school board member, White Pass School District; Rep. Peter Abbarno; Chris Schumaker, principal, White Pass Junior/Senior High School; Dr. Paul Farris, superintendent, White Pass School District; John Kelly, supervisor, maintenance, White Pass School District, and Mitch Denning, WAMOA consultant.


From left, John Kelly, supervisor, maintenance, White Pass School District and WAMOA representative; Phil Partington, Southwest regional coordinator, OSPI school facilities and organization; Rep. Peter Abbarno; John Hannah, superintendent, Morton School District; Pat Saldana, school board chair, Morton School District; Tyler Muench, policy and outreach coordinator, OSPI school facilities and organization, and Mitch Denning, WAMOA consultant.