Rep. Peter Abbarno calls for House Democrats to address homeless encampments; highlights opportunities to protect drinking water, address housing, and more

Rep. Peter Abbarno, R-Centralia, called out House Democrats today for failing to support numerous proposals late Friday night that would have protected drinking water, reduced homelessness, addressed the lack of housing, and more.

House Republicans proposed 12 amendments to House Bill 1181, a proposal to add climate change and socioeconomic health and resiliency goals to the Growth Management Act (GMA).

All 12 Republican amendments were rejected by the Democrat majority, including Amendment 173 by Abbarno.

“The House missed numerous opportunities last night to prioritize the most vulnerable members of our communities and protect the environment,” said Abbarno. “We had the chance to adopt an amendment to rehouse homeless individuals living on public lands in encampments and RVs near aquifers and waterways. Yet House Democrats refused to protect our drinking water and relocate homeless individuals into proper housing.”

WATCH Abbarno’s speech on Amendment 173:

During the debate over final passage of HB 1181, Abbarno urged the House to vote against the bill because it failed to address today’s socioeconomic problems, such as housing, clean water, public safety, and more.

WATCH Abbarno’s speech on final passage of HB 1181: 


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