Rep. Peter Abbarno highlights fire prevention investments ahead of National Fire Prevention Week

Ahead of National Fire Prevention Week (October 8-14), Rep. Peter Abbarno, the new ranking Republican on the House Capital Budget Committee, highlighted critical investments made in recent years in fire prevention infrastructure for the 20th Legislative District.

“Following a fire season that saw the second-highest number of fire-starts in our state’s history, it’s more important than ever to invest in our local fire departments and promote fire prevention awareness,” said Abbarno, R-Centralia. “Many of our rural fire departments serve rapidly growing communities with old, outdated fire stations and equipment. I am proud of our key investments to boost fire department infrastructure.”

Abbarno helped secure:

  • $3.05 million for a new fire station and emergency medical services station in South Thurston County (2023);
  • $2 million for Fire District #5 station construction and remodel in Napavine (2022); and
  • $515,000 to remodel the Lake Lawrence Fire Station (2021).

The 20th District lawmaker is also the prime sponsor of House Bill 1014, which would establish a new grant funding source for rural fire departments whose buildings and equipment are inadequate to meet the fire safety needs of their growing communities.

If enacted, the bill would direct the Department of Commerce to establish a competitive grant program to award up to $2 million to local governments in rural counties for capital projects to improve fire protection services.

“Rural communities need help raising the funds necessary to meet the growing demand,” added Abbarno. “With the reality of high gas prices, groceries, and housing, state funds can help improve fire prevention infrastructure in rural communities without overburdening working families.”

President Calvin Coolidge first proclaimed Fire Prevention Week in 1925 for the “earnest study of the principles of fire protection, as a practical measure of nation economy.”  This year’s theme is: “Cooking safety starts with you. Pay attention to fire prevention.”


Washington State House Republican Communications