Radio Report: Rep. Abbarno helps craft House supplemental capital construction budget which assists community needs

The Washington State House of Representatives has unveiled its 2024 supplemental capital budget proposal which assists in solving community needs. Kelley Payne reports from Olympia.

 Radio Report Transcript

PAYNE: As the ranking member on the House Capital Budget Committee, Representative Peter Abbarno of Centralia is the lead Republican negotiator and budget writer for the proposal.

ABBARNO: “Makes some good investments in behavioral health and substance abuse – it makes good investments in K-12 education, and one carve out that we’ve done the last few years that I think has been really impactful in communities in rural Washington are home ownership.”

PAYNE: Abbarno says the capital budget is a “community up, not an Olympia down” budget.

ABBARNO: “We receive a lot of requests from organizations, local governments and individuals in the community who have identified some problems and issues and asked us to help. It’s a great way to connect to your community and find ways to solve problems.”

PAYNE: Abbarno is looking forward to delivering a final supplemental capital budget which provides positive results for Washington state.

Kelley Payne, the state Capitol.


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