Radio Report: Republicans reject Democrat idea of linking energy policy with California

A regressive carbon tax has driven up the costs of gas and energy in Washington state. Now majority Democrats want to tie our state’s carbon market to California and Quebec. Nic Scott reports.

 Radio Report Transcript

SCOTT: House Republicans in Olympia say linking our energy policy to California is a bad choice for Washington that would make our affordability crisis worse, not better. Representative Mary Dye of Pomeroy says the affordability of energy is critical in everything in our daily lives.

DYE: “Washington lawmakers will be limited in our range of policy opportunities or actions – and the timing of those actions – if we choose to link to California’s market.”

SCOTT: Representative Peter Abbarno of Centralia says its best to retain Washington’s independent decision making on energy policy.

ABBARNO: “Low-cost energy is a part of competitiveness and that creates good paying jobs and careers and industry. And it’s really for that reason that I’m opposing any long-term agreement to bind a carbon market with California. Their utilities have filed for bankruptcy, we see seasonal black-outs, and it’s all due to really a poorly regulated market.”

SCOTT: The House Environment and Energy Committee voted 9-6 Tuesday, with Republicans unanimously opposed, to advance Senate Bill 6058 to the House floor.

Nic Scott, the state Capitol.


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